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About Us

We are a boutique Pan-African solutions provider registered in Kenya.
Our core skills cut across research, statistics, actuarial, financial, risk and managerial experience.


To provide financial solutions to Africa’s business and social problems.


To be the sought-after solutions provider in Africa.

Our Values:

• Provide solutions.
• Go beyond the promise.
• Exceed expectations.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services that meets the needs of both corporates and individuals.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Our team will help you build and effective ERM framework for your organization at whatever level you are in. We will develop and implement the following tools;

• Governance
• Risk Appetite Framework
• Risk Management Tools i.e. Identification, Classification, Measurement, Analysis, Monitoring, Reporting
• Risk registers
• Risk Monitoring Dashboards
• Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
• Compliance Management
• Capital Management & Stress Testing
• Training
This will be done at the organization level, product/service level, operations, people and systems level.

Business Planning

Our team will help you prepare business plans and budgets. The team will;

• Analyze past performance
• Analyze the competitive landscape
• Develop business plan assumptions
• Develop business models using the assumptions
• Develop financial statements of the plans
• Develop business plan reports tailored for Management and the Board

Strategy Formulation and Implementation

At RC we believe that managing strategic risk is at the forefront of any successful organization. Our dedicated team has been involved in a number of strategy formulation. The team will help you in;

• Review past financial performance
• Review past product/service performance
• Analyze competitive landscape
• Review business model
• Develop strategic focus areas
• Set up & Cascade the Key Performance Indicators

Investment Advisory

Our team will help you manage your investments professionally. We will help you come up with;

• Investment policy statements
• Optimizing your investment return objectives
• Designing appropriate asset allocations that minimizes risk
• Build appropriate benchmarks and to track them

Transaction Advisory

At RC, we appreciate the need to conduct business deals with people we do not have past experience with. Our team will help you to cover this gap by conducting thorough background checks on those we deal with and their business. We believe in expanding through organic growth, mergers and acquisitions. We will help you conduct;

• Due diligence
• Deal negotiations
• Capital structuring
• Fund raising

Actuarial Services

Our team has extensive actuarial training and will help you in;

• Building actuarial models for any financial solution
• Using statistics to solve business and social problems
• Building Asset Liability Management solutions
• Managing capital
• Regulatory compliance

Research and Data Analytics

In today’s fast changing world research and analytics are paramount. These are important in developing new products and services, improving existing ones, entering new markets and to break-away from competition. At Rary Capital, we believe that research and analytics is the starting point of solving any problem in today’s world. Our team will help you in;

• Conducting market research
• Feasibility studies
• Build analytics models
• Designing solutions from the data

Personal Financial Management & Financial Literacy Course

At Rary Capital, we recognize the need to expand financial literacy within Africa and how this can impact on management of personal finances. We believe that this is the fourth basic human need. At Rary Capital, we are developing a personal financial management course through our flagship educational company Rary Education. Here you will learn how to;

• Prepare a personal and family budget
• Make investments
• Manage debt
• Understand taxes
• Develop trusts and wills

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